Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Well, today is Mother's Day. I received several interesting comments today from, "Happy Soon to be Mother's Day" to "Almost Mother's Day" to "Happy Mother's Day!" These comments lead me to wonder, when does a women actually become a Mother. I believe with all my heart that the moment you find out you are going to parent a child, that is when you become a Mommy and a Daddy. A bond develops that is like no other. You begin to imagine what it will feel like to hold that child you have longed for in your arms for the first time. This happens for nine months, and in some cases longer. Your mind wonders about the features and characteristics of your child. Will he have his Daddy's smile? Will he have his Momma' s nose? What color eyes and hair will he have? The whole journey of being your child's life support for nine months is overwhelming at times, but you are caring for him, loving him, and nurturing him. Aren't these all qualities that describe a Mother?

Parrish has started things off on the right foot...He left me my FIRST Mother's Day card this morning. Of course, his cute Daddy had to sign it for him! I had been telling Blanton for quite sometime that I was getting tired of our old tea maker and that we really needed to buy a new Parrish bought me one for Mother's Day! How practical!

All day long, I have wondered when this little Parrish will make his arrival. Please pray for us as the time draws closer and closer. We are ready to meet our son outside of the womb! I have posted a picture of his cute little face for you all to see!

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Becca said...

You are correct, Jaime. You are already a mother, and you have been since the moment that you knew Parrish was coming. He was yours at that moment :).

I am so glad that you've joined the blogosphere! It's much eaier to keep up with people this way!! I can't WAIT to see what's coming your way.

MrsHeatherF said...

I belive from the moment you find out your are pregnant a bond is formed and therefore you are considered a mother. You are going to be such an awesome mom!!!

Mark & Amanda said...

I are a mother as soon as you find out you're pregnant!

Congratulations again!