Monday, June 30, 2008

Quiet Day

Parrish turned one month old is hard to believe that our baby is already that goodness how the time flies...

He is so precious...he has started to lose the hair on the top of his head...He looks like a little bald man...He hair has a hint of red to it...I can't imagine where he got that apart from his GMA having red in her hair and his Pops having some in his...

We have been home most of the day...We are taking it easy this week. We have been very blessed with family most of the first month of his life...we are taking time to get used to being by ourselves. Daddy called today and we went and had lunch with him at Don Jose's.

I will post some pics later...i think I am going to rest while the little one is sleeping...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grand Mums & Aunt Heather & Wedding Fun

Parrish has been a very busy little man during the last five days...

We took a trip to Mineral Wells to take part in our dear friends, Connie and Andrew's Wedding. Blanton was so honored to be asked to perform the ceremony....unfortunately, Parrish decided that he needed to eat as soon as Daddy began the "I DO" portion of the service....

Look at Parrish...snoozing in the Best Western...His first hotel stay...I might say he did a very good job of sleeping most of the night...He only woke up at 12:30, 2:30 and 5:30! ;o)

On Sunday, Parrish and Mommy took a trip to Decatur to pick up Grand Mums and Aunt Heather...Heather's face was priceless when she saw Parrish for the first time. In Missouri, they ended school at the beginning of June, so she wasn't able to make the trip to Texas when Parrish was born with Debi. She has only been able to see him on the Internet, which is NO fun! She wanted him to cry so bad so that she could put his paci in his mouth! When we finally got back to Wichita Falls, Heather came straight to the couch for a little cuddle time with Parrish!

Grand Mums has been a wonderful asset this week...She and Parrish have had some major bonding time! She has loved on him so much! Both of the great-grandmothers are pretty jealous of her stealing all their kisses! ;o)

Parrish is constantly changing everyday! We scheduled an appointment at JC Penny's to get his pictures taken yesterday and of course he did more crying than picture taking...we only got 5 pictures and had to reschedule our sitting! We are hoping to try again in the morning and hopefully he will be asleep! Let's cross our fingers!

Well, Daddy and Auntie Heather are home, so I am going to sign off...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Baby, 3 weeks old

Parrish turned three weeks old today! My goodness how the time has flown by...Blanton was holding him this morning and said, "He is getting so big!" I guess we will look at him quite often and have that very thought float through our minds and then verbally out of our mouths!

Uncle Tommy will be happy to know that Parrish has actually been on the floor! Last week, my oldest brother called and told us that it would be perfectly fine to let the baby play on the floor! ;o)

Parrish was up most of the night...I don't know if it was the storm that we had pass literally felt like the house was shaking...or if he just had his night and day mixed up...He did a lot of sleeping yesterday afternoon...

Here are a few pics of our baby boy at 3 weeks old! He is resting pretty peacefully at the moment...I am going to wake him up shortly so he can eat...I don't want him to sleep the afternoon away and want to play again at 2 AM! :o) But of course if he does want to play...I will be right there ready!

Just look at his cute little different than it was three weeks ago!

This is one of Daddy and Momma's favorite pictures of our little one! He hasn't a care in the world! We love how he had his hands behind his head!

Just wanted to update everyone while I had the chance! Blanton went back to work today! So Parrish and I are home alone! We are enjoying it so far...we may take a trip to Target a little later to get a baby shower gift for our friends Kevin and Katrina.

I also forgot the camera yesterday, but Parrish had his first trip to Starbucks with his parents! We were there for about 30 was nice to sit and read and enjoy our coffee with our son!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Grands

Parrish meet his Great Nonnie this weekend when Pepaw came to pick up GMA. They had such a great time getting to know each other...My grandmother's face was priceless when she held little Parrish for the first time. She just cried and cried! Below are a few pics of her with Parrish...Great Nonnie even changed his diapers! That was a BLESSING!

Parrish met Papaw this weekend on Father's Day! It was a huge roadtrip for Parrish and a GREAT suprise for Papaw! We did not tell Blanton's dad or grandparents we were coming. When we walked into Olive Garden they were so SHOCKED! Uncle Dave and Aunt Nat kept a good suprise!

Two Week Check

Well, it has been almost a week since I was able to sit down and write on our blog! I will tell you Baby Parrish keeps us busy and on our toes!

We went to the doctor on Friday for Parrish's two week check up! Dr. Yap said that he looked great and he was very healthy. We talked about the upcoming milestones that we should notice before our next visit on July 29th.

Parrish weighed 7 pounds 9 oz and is now 21 inches long! I was very pleased when he told us how much weight Parrish had gained. I am nursing, so it was really nice to hear, "Mom you are doing a great job!" In your mind, you want to give your baby the best you can give them, and I wasn't sure that I was giving him enough nutrition, but as it turns out it is going well!

Parrish did such a great job when Dr. Yap was examining him!

Parrish had to get a blood test on Friday as well...It was sad to hear our baby CRY and there is nothing we could do about it. Thank goodness his Daddy was holding him...I don't know if I would have been able to do that without crying!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some of the Firsts

Parrish has been a busy little man this week. He went to church for the very first time on Sunday. I wish everyone could have seen his cute little face as he listened to his Daddy lead worship! He was so alert during the worship portion of the service. Then Blanton sang a solo, "Untitled Hymn" by Chris Rice, and Parrish just smiled the entire time! I thought it was so precious...I know some may say it was gas that was making him smile, but in my heart I know that he recongizes our voices and he knew that music was familiar to him. This is our family photo our first Sunday at church! Can you tell it is VBS Week???
Parrish in his Outrigger Island outfit!
Also, Parrish is the youngest child in attendance at "Outrigger Island" this week. We haven't been able to stay for the entire three hours, but we are working our way up to that on Friday night. Parrish has been doing wonderful. There are some pics of his first night at VBS with Momma and Daddy.

Daddy and Parrish after the Worship Rally opening at VBS!

Momma and Parrish in our Coral Reef!

Parrish and Gma...Outrigger Island wore him out on Tuesday!

We need to find Parrish a funny hat to wear tonight...I wonder if any old hat would work since NONE of them fit his little head! He is slowly growing into this clothes! I wonder how much he will weigh this week at the Pedi appointment? We go to our first Pedi appointment on Friday...I for one am nervous because I don't know how I will handle my little one being poked with a needle. I am sure he will do just fine, but my nerves could use a prayer!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Few More Pics of the Baby!

Gma loving on Baby Parrish.
Aunt Roni loving on Baby Parrish (soon to be Mommy Roni who will give us Baby Cadence).
GrandMums loving on Baby Parrish.
Aunt Nat loving on Baby Parrish.
Pepaw and Parrish alseep on the couch the day we got home from the hospital.

Week in Review

Mommy and Parrish after meeting Granny Nora, the sweet lady that is going to watch Parrish.
Daddy and Parrish sharing a sweet moment! Blanton was so excited that Parrish grabbed ahold of his thumb!
Parrish getting ready for his first "out to eat" experience!
Parrish was worn out after we went to eat at Parkway Grill with Uncle Richie, Aunt Fran, Ashley, Brittany, GMa, Daddy and Momma!
Sleeping contently during all the noise at Parkway Grill...

Our first family photo taken by GMa.
Daddy and Parrish bonding!
Parrish and Uncle Richie chilling out before we went to Parkway Grill for lunch.

It has been so hard to sit down and blog this week...I hve attempted several times and saved drafts, but then deleted all of them! My brother, sis-in-law and two nieces are here this weekend. It has been so much fun to see the nieces with Parrish!
On Wednesday night after church, G-Ma watched Parrish and let Momma and Daddy go out on a date! That was fun to spend time together, but we were back home in less than an hour because we were missin' our sweet baby boy!
On Thursday, I had a doc's appointment and got all my staples out...It is a good thing that Momma is here with me through next week because Dr. G said that I can't drive for another week. She will have to take me and Parrish back and forth to VBS! I can't believe Blanton registered our son today for Outrigger Island!
Parrish seems to be growing up so fast. Blanton looked at him yesterday and commented that he has changed so much over the last week. He also said that Parrish is already ready for his FIRST haircut!!! I told him NO WAY! ;o)
Today we went out to eat for the first time with Parrish. There were many people in attendance. Uncle Richie and Aunt Fran drove up last night after Brittany's baseball game to come and see Parrish. Of course, they got here about 12:30 AM and Parrish was still awake to see them! ;o)
Things at the Feaster house haven't really slowed down any. It seems like the first week of Parrish's life flew by so quickly! I guess this is only the beginning!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Parrish Blanton Feaster DOB 5/29/08

Parrish Blanton Feaster made his arrival into this world on Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 6:09 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long.

We went to see Dr. Godfrey at 9 am on Wednesday morning and I was finally making small progress. I was dialated to a "tight" one as he called it...he really still wanted me to be hopsitalized for the ripening and induction. I arrived at the hospital on Wednesday night at 5 pm. They inserted the cervix softner and I began having contractions at 6:30 pm. Those contractions were about 2 mins apart for most of the night lasting about a min each. I wasn't able to eat or drink anything after the contractions began and was only able to get out of bed to use the restroom.

On Thursday morning, the doctor came by and saw me around 9 am. I was still dialated to a one possibly a two...My heart was broken because of all the laboring through the night, I thought for sure I had DONE SOMETHING! ;o) He broke my water after the examine and told me that I would not be able to get out of bed until Parrish decided to arrive. He projected that by noon I would be dialted to a three and then should progress on dialation per hour after that....He said he would guess that the baby would come between 5 pm and 8 pm. He also thought that Parrish would weigh about 8 1/2 to 9 pounds! YIKES! Blanton was an absolute jewel during the labor. What a wonderful husband God blessed me with!

After being in hard labor for the next few hours, I was finally dialated to a three around noon and was able to get my epidural! Thank the Lord for that medicine! I was a totally different person when I was able to have the injection and drip. Parrish didn't respond to the up in pitossin very well. His heart was under stress every time I had a contraction and would recover shortly after it was over. But they were concerned about him. They put me on O2 around four and I was on it until Parrish arrived.

The doc came in around 5:30 pm checked me and told me that I had a done a good job during the day but that the baby and I were both extremely tired. He said that it took me 4 1/2 hours to dialate to a 5 and he didn't want us to go through 4 more hours to get to a 10! I was never soooo thankful to hear the word C-Section!

I went into the OR at 6 pm and baby Parrish was born at 6:09 pm. Both Blanton and my mom were able to be in the OR with me. Blanton was able to stand up and see the doc pull Parrish out into the world. He words were "look at all those boy parts" and he pulled Parrish out! I was so tired that I am not remembering a ton of what happened, but hearing him cry for the first time was the sweetest moment.

Blanton was able to watch them check him out and then my sweet husband walked our baby over to me and got his knees so I could kiss that sweet face I have longed to see for nine months. Mom and Blanton then went to the nursery and I had to stay behind to be stapled up and sent to recovery.

Friday morning, was surreal as I woke up with my dear little baby in the room with me. Of course, Thursday night was amazing holding him and feeding him, but I was still full of meds and don't really remember everything that well.

I had to stay in the hospital until today. Blanton came and took us home after church this morning. He was so excited to show everyone a pic of Parrish. He told everyone that he had a new name, "Daddy!"

We got home around 2:30 pm. Rosie was so cute with the baby. I will make sure we put lots of pics up for you to look at... I need to go feed the baby and will post pics soon!

Love you all and thanks for your prayers!