Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Baby, 3 weeks old

Parrish turned three weeks old today! My goodness how the time has flown by...Blanton was holding him this morning and said, "He is getting so big!" I guess we will look at him quite often and have that very thought float through our minds and then verbally out of our mouths!

Uncle Tommy will be happy to know that Parrish has actually been on the floor! Last week, my oldest brother called and told us that it would be perfectly fine to let the baby play on the floor! ;o)

Parrish was up most of the night...I don't know if it was the storm that we had pass literally felt like the house was shaking...or if he just had his night and day mixed up...He did a lot of sleeping yesterday afternoon...

Here are a few pics of our baby boy at 3 weeks old! He is resting pretty peacefully at the moment...I am going to wake him up shortly so he can eat...I don't want him to sleep the afternoon away and want to play again at 2 AM! :o) But of course if he does want to play...I will be right there ready!

Just look at his cute little different than it was three weeks ago!

This is one of Daddy and Momma's favorite pictures of our little one! He hasn't a care in the world! We love how he had his hands behind his head!

Just wanted to update everyone while I had the chance! Blanton went back to work today! So Parrish and I are home alone! We are enjoying it so far...we may take a trip to Target a little later to get a baby shower gift for our friends Kevin and Katrina.

I also forgot the camera yesterday, but Parrish had his first trip to Starbucks with his parents! We were there for about 30 was nice to sit and read and enjoy our coffee with our son!

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Shelley Turbyfill said...

He is sooo cute!! I like your blog spot, I may end up doing the same thing once Clayton is here. Take care and will talk to you soon!!!
Love you guys!!