Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some of the Firsts

Parrish has been a busy little man this week. He went to church for the very first time on Sunday. I wish everyone could have seen his cute little face as he listened to his Daddy lead worship! He was so alert during the worship portion of the service. Then Blanton sang a solo, "Untitled Hymn" by Chris Rice, and Parrish just smiled the entire time! I thought it was so precious...I know some may say it was gas that was making him smile, but in my heart I know that he recongizes our voices and he knew that music was familiar to him. This is our family photo our first Sunday at church! Can you tell it is VBS Week???
Parrish in his Outrigger Island outfit!
Also, Parrish is the youngest child in attendance at "Outrigger Island" this week. We haven't been able to stay for the entire three hours, but we are working our way up to that on Friday night. Parrish has been doing wonderful. There are some pics of his first night at VBS with Momma and Daddy.

Daddy and Parrish after the Worship Rally opening at VBS!

Momma and Parrish in our Coral Reef!

Parrish and Gma...Outrigger Island wore him out on Tuesday!

We need to find Parrish a funny hat to wear tonight...I wonder if any old hat would work since NONE of them fit his little head! He is slowly growing into this clothes! I wonder how much he will weigh this week at the Pedi appointment? We go to our first Pedi appointment on Friday...I for one am nervous because I don't know how I will handle my little one being poked with a needle. I am sure he will do just fine, but my nerves could use a prayer!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Parrish's "happenings"- it's really cool to get to see what's going on even though we're far away- Aunt Fran

Anonymous said...

Love it love it love it he is bautiful and I miss my Jaime. (And Blanton too I suppose... ha)

WELCOME little man! (I have a gift - but I decided to drive up ther ein person to give it - call me so we can set it up!)