Saturday, June 7, 2008

Week in Review

Mommy and Parrish after meeting Granny Nora, the sweet lady that is going to watch Parrish.
Daddy and Parrish sharing a sweet moment! Blanton was so excited that Parrish grabbed ahold of his thumb!
Parrish getting ready for his first "out to eat" experience!
Parrish was worn out after we went to eat at Parkway Grill with Uncle Richie, Aunt Fran, Ashley, Brittany, GMa, Daddy and Momma!
Sleeping contently during all the noise at Parkway Grill...

Our first family photo taken by GMa.
Daddy and Parrish bonding!
Parrish and Uncle Richie chilling out before we went to Parkway Grill for lunch.

It has been so hard to sit down and blog this week...I hve attempted several times and saved drafts, but then deleted all of them! My brother, sis-in-law and two nieces are here this weekend. It has been so much fun to see the nieces with Parrish!
On Wednesday night after church, G-Ma watched Parrish and let Momma and Daddy go out on a date! That was fun to spend time together, but we were back home in less than an hour because we were missin' our sweet baby boy!
On Thursday, I had a doc's appointment and got all my staples out...It is a good thing that Momma is here with me through next week because Dr. G said that I can't drive for another week. She will have to take me and Parrish back and forth to VBS! I can't believe Blanton registered our son today for Outrigger Island!
Parrish seems to be growing up so fast. Blanton looked at him yesterday and commented that he has changed so much over the last week. He also said that Parrish is already ready for his FIRST haircut!!! I told him NO WAY! ;o)
Today we went out to eat for the first time with Parrish. There were many people in attendance. Uncle Richie and Aunt Fran drove up last night after Brittany's baseball game to come and see Parrish. Of course, they got here about 12:30 AM and Parrish was still awake to see them! ;o)
Things at the Feaster house haven't really slowed down any. It seems like the first week of Parrish's life flew by so quickly! I guess this is only the beginning!

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Jane said...

Looks like everything is going well for y'all. Parrish is absolutely precious. Don't forget to take advantage of those times you and Blanton can get a way. It may be hard know, but you'll be so ready for them in a few months. (At least that is what I hear!)