Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time Flies

Parrish turned two months old today. I can't believe our baby boy is already 2 MONTHS! Next thing you know, we will be celebrating his first birthday!

Wow, so much has happened in the last few weeks. I am sorry I have been terrible at keeping up with our blogspot. I promised it would be a place for family and friends to see our baby boy and catch up on Feaster life. As you can tell, the Feaster's have been one busy family!

Parrish took at trip to Huntsville the weekend of July 12th. My sister Roni is expecting a baby boy here in a few weeks and we went to celebrate with her! She had a wonderful shower and lots of fun...I think Cory had more fun than Roni did!! Parrish also had the privilege of poopin' on Uncle Cory's leg! Parrish met his little cousin Cyler. Roni asked Cyler where his baby brother was (usually he points to her tummy) and he pointed to Parrish and said he is right there asleep! It was precious! Cyler got a present at the shower on Saturday. When he opened them, there were some books in the bag. GMa read to Cyler and then Cyler read the books to Parrish!

Aunt Roni checking out her loot!

Cyler reading a story to Parrish!

Uncle Cory before the poop happened!

Also, Parrish was introduced to Pepaw's congregation on Sunday morning. I wish I would have had my camera there to take a picture. I had no idea that Daddy would take Parrish on stage with him and show him off like he did! ;o) He told everyone that he needed to get baby kisses before he could preach! After church, we spent time with Tommy, Cherry, Casey, Dalton and Hannah. This weekend was the first time Parrish meet his Uncle Tommy and Aunt Cherry and the cousins. They have affectionately nicknamed Parrish "P Diddy."

Gma and Parrish trying to have a moment!

Parrish wore Pepaw plum out!

Hannah and ParrishDalton and ParrishCasey and Parrish Aunt Cherry
(We need to spank Uncle Tommy because we don't have a pic with him!)

After Huntsville, we drove to Dallas to spend the week with Blanton. He started working on his Ph.D. this summer at Dallas Baptist University. Need-less-to-say, Daddy was V E R Y busy with school, so Parrish and I did LOTS of fun things. We went to Lolly and Poppy's house (The Holcomb's) and Parrish met Zach and Zoey, Auntie Rachel, Uncle Patrick, and of course Lolly & Poppy! We had so much fun visiting with our sweet adopted family during the week.

Lolly, Poppy and Parrish

Rachel, Zachary, Zoey and Parrish

Rachel and Parrish

Parrish was also spoiled by his Aunt Pam during the week! We spent a most wonderful day with Pam on Wednesday of that week. We ate at the Cheesecake factory. Pam was able to feed Parrish a bottle. It was so sweet! She took him and lavished him with some church clothes...His daddy is going to have some COMPETITION, as if he didn't already! We miss Pam so much and it was so special to spend time with her.

Pam and Parrish meeting for the first time

Pam feeding Parrish his Cheesecake Factory dinner ;o)

Parrish and I shocked the fire out of Great Nonnie. I talked to her from Hillsboro to her front door and she had NO CLUE that we were heading her way! She told me she was gonna spank my rear for suprising her, but I promise she LOVED every moment of Parrish being in her house! We took her out to eat at H E R favorite resturant, Olive Garden!

Parrish and Great Nonnie at Olive Garden

Parrish sleepin' in Great Nonnie's arms!

Parrish also saw Aunt Nat, Mamaw, Papaw and Pops during our week in Dallas. We had tons of fun visiting! We also were able to catch up with some friends from DBU. We ate with Lisa one day and then with one of my roomies Lyndy. By the time all was said and done...we were ready to get back home to Wichita Falls!

Papaw and Parrish

Mamaw and Parrish

Pops and Parrish

I went back to work last week. It wasn't exactly as hard as I had imagined because Blanton had suggested that we begin taking Parrish to Granny Nora's earlier in the month, but I will say that I missed our baby boy so much! It certainly has made our evenings more meaningful! I also have some great news....Parrish slept for seven hours last night! Praise the Lord! I woke up refreshed and ready for the day!

Our God is so wonderful and it is completely beyond me why He chose me to be a mother and why He chose Blanton to be a father. What an awesome responsibility. We are so thankful everyday for the opportunity to have this precious life in our care. Thank you Lord for our sweet baby boy, Parrish!

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Wow, he's grown SOOOO MUCHHH! I still think there's a red tint to his hair.......Aunt Fran