Friday, October 3, 2008

4 Months & Counting

Parrish 15 lbs 6 oz & 26 1/2 inches long!!!!!

Parrish smiling at Momma and GMa on the River Walk in San Antonio

My goodness how the time flies! Parrish is 4 months old! It has been an exciting month since I last had a chance to update our blog. With Parrish, Blanton, church and a full-time job, it has become hard to keep up with our blog...I always promise myself I will be better at posting wonderful and exciting events, but somehow I never get them on here! Below, you will find the journey through September and even through the first few days of October. Please enjoy the update on our precious blessing, Parrish!

The end of August held the birth of our sweet new cousin and nephew Cadence! After Cadence turned on week old, GMa came and met Parrish and me in San Antonio. I was invited to a sells conference to train to be a small group coach. This is a training required by all marketing managers and executive directors in my company. I will have the opportunity to travel to three different states in 2009 to coach these individuals in my company on the new concepts learned through the four day training. Below are pics of our trip. GMa and Parrish had a wonderful time...It was somewhat hard on Momma finding time to get Parrish the bottles he needed for the time with GMa!

Parrish and GMa on the River Walk

Eating at Daddy's favorite place!

Parrish has been doing a LOT of talking lately! I just had to put this little video on to show him humming and talking a little!

Parrish Showing His Lungs and Lunch

Parrish has been grabbing at anything he can get his hands around or near for that matter! His little fine motor skills are progressing along quite nicely! He loved to bite down on things. Dr. Yap says that Parrish has begun the road to teething!

Parrish has begun discovering his feet!

Grandmums and Auntie Heather came for a visit this month! It was so much fun! Debi bought Parrish his first Halloween outfit...he is going to be Tigger! Grandmums used to sing the Tigger song to Blanton all the time...We can wait to see him in that outfit...It has a built in belly, but I am sure Parrish wont need that help!

Grandmums getting Parrish dressed for the day!

Grandmums and Parrish sharing a little snuggle time~

Auntie Heather talking to Parrish!

Parrish showed Momma and Daddy a brand new trick this week!!!! HE ROLLED OVER!!!! He is amazing us each and every day! Below are the pictures of him rolling over...they are before the roll, through the roll and the finished product. He is enjoying rolling from his stomach to his back!

Before rolling

During the roll

After the roll!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Parrish got a new toy this past month! I walked into Granny's one day to take Parrish some of Momma's milk and he was sitting in an exersaucer! I couldn't believe my eyes! I came home and told Blanton that we needed to go and buy one! We found a Baby Einstein Exersaucer at Sam's and Parrish loves it! Below are a few pics of him playing and a video! I showed Parrish how to turn these three different things and my goodness, he did it by himself! I was so shocked. We were in the kitchen and I heard these rolling and had to take a video!

Parrish was so proud of himself! Look at that smile!

Parrish chewing on his toes!

Parrish getting ready for his favorite pass time!

Yummy!!! My toes taste good!

Sweet boy!

Parrish will begin the journey of eating real food...stayed tuned to find out how that is going!

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Anonymous said...

Jaime- Thanks so much for taking the time to share Parrish with those of us who don't get to see him nearly as often as we would like. I know you have a crazy schedule, and that it takes a great deal of effort to dedicate time to this added chore. Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it your effort!- Love, Fran