Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parrish: 5 Months Tomorrow!

October has been a wild month for us...the time seems to have flown by....we can't believe that our baby boy is already 5 months old! The month has brought family to us and brought us to family. We spent the weekend Blanton was in school with all of the great-grands. We had a blast.

It was so sweet to watch Mamaw and Papaw get down on the floor to play with their boy! He was laughing and giggling at them. They hadn't seen him since August, so he really had changed on them!
Below, you will see the first Halloween surprise Parrish has gotten! His Aunt Nat and Uncle Dave made him a buck with Gerber's First Fruits! He has tried the apples and bananas so far....He spit those darn apples all over me!!!! But he has loved the bananas!

After spending Thursday night with Mamaw and Papaw, Parrish and I went to Waco! Aunt Roni and Cadence meet us at G-Nonnie's house! It was so much fun spending time with Nonnie, Roni, and the boys! I think Nonnie was in hog heaven with her two little great-grandboys! Nonnie hasn't seen Parrish since July, so the change in him was remarkable to her! During Hurricane Ike, Roni, Gma and Cadence stayed with G-Nonnie!

Roni and I wanted to get the boys pictures made in the pumpkin patch! Pepaw went to visit G-Nonnie the weekend before we were able to get there, so he scoped us out the perfect patch! Before the picture event, we had to go shopping and find the boys outfits to match! They were so darn cute! The front has a "BIG" dog and a "LITTLE" dog and says "Best Friends" on it! How perfect! We all know that Parrish loves having a little cousin! :o)

Cadence and Parrish at Target!

I love Pumpkins!
Momma, I want to eat this thing!
Cadence and Parrish posing for us! This is what we gave Pepaw for his 61st Birthday!

Just another cute pic!

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so incredibly cute.