Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Peas, Green Beans, & Rice Oh My!!

Yes, folks you have read this title correctly! Parrish has ventured into the world of "solid" foods! I use the phrase lightly because to me it still looks pretty runny! ;o) He at his first "meal" on Saturday. Aunt Fran, Uncle Rick, Ashley, Brittany and Harley happened to be company for this GREAT milestone event! Below are some pictures of the monumental moment! We do hope you enjoy the journey.

Not so YUMMY Rice Cereal!
Parrish smiling for Daddy!
Momma Feeding Parrish his first bite!

Daddy feeding Parrish and entertaining him!
Parrish giving Aunt Fran "THE FACE!"

Uncle Rick and Parrish Chillin'
This is a video of the things your uncle will let you get away with!

Those crazy cousins Ashley and Brittany!

Aunt Fran feeding Parrish some lunch!

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