Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Christmas Fun

Parrish on Christmas Morning 2008. I know it has been almost 2 LONG months without any posts. Life in the Feaster house has been CRAZY! As you know, November held traveling with Thanksgiving and then the month of December has seen us on the road, choir musicals, or at parties during all our spare time! ;o) I do need to share with you that Parrish starting saying, "Da Da" on December 8th. His daddy spent many hours coaching him! ;o)

What a year 2008 has been! Our sweet precious baby boy was born on May 29th. Blanton started his Ph.D in July. There have been many changes in my world at work. West Side continues to search for ways to reach our ever changing community. Please pray for our church! I won't write too much this time. Please enjoy the pictures. Love to you all! Have a Happy New Year!
Parrish discovered this jumper-roo that Aunt Roni let him play with...
GMa and Parrish on Thanksgiving Day
Parrish sat up by himself the day after Thanksgiving! That was an exciting moment!
Parrish and Pepaw!
Parrish and Uncle Tommy
Parrish and Karon
Parrish and Jerry
Parrish and Julie
Parrish and Hannah Parrish after Thanksgiving Dinner!
Parrish and Aunt Cherry
Papaw had a sweet present waiting for Parrish at Thanksgiving. He got him this walker!
Parrish and his overalls...looking like Pepaw and Papaw!
Pops, Parrish, Papaw
Aunt Nat and Parrish
Daddy showing off his precious boy to Grandpa. This was the first time Grandpa has gotten to see Parrish in person.

GrandMums came with gifts from Granddad Rick. Parrish playing with his tissue paper...
Parrish having fun with Daddy
Parrish and more tissue paper!
Parrish again on Christmas morning
Parrish playing with his rockin' crawl ball from Aunt Roni and Uncle Cory.
Parrish opening Christmas with family.
Dalton and Parrish Casey and Parrish
GMa and Parrish nappin' GMa, Cadence and Parrish
Pepaw and Parrish
Parrish playing in his jumper-roo that GMa and Pepaw got him for Christmas!
Hannah, Parrish, Aunt Julia and Cadence
Parrish looking cute in his hat that Lyndy made him.
Parrish in his new Sunday clothes Mamaw and Papaw bought him for Christmas.
GrandMums bought Parrish a jumper-roo!
This is Grandpa, Blanton's granddad. He doesn't get out much due to his illness. So this was a sweet treat for us.