Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Sweetie is almost 9 Months!

I have received several emails about updating the FeasterFun Blog! I don't know where the time seems to go. So many wonderful things have happened over the last two months! Parrish now has not one, not two, but THREE teeth! Also, his Momma turned 30!!! Can you believe it??? Crazy, I know!

Parrish also began saying Mama! So much fun to hear that word...first time I heard him say it I was teary-eyed! Granny said that she had been working on him saying that for weeks! She keeps saying that when we have a girl, she will say Mama before she says Dada!

Parrish is such a sweet blessing. He is so happy. He never really cries...I will say, he has started coming into his personality. He LOVES socialization...I don't know where on earth he gets that trait. My mom and Aunt Julia watched him in January when we went to Glorieta for our VBS Institute and they said that he LOVES people to be in the room with him...I wonder if they just said that so they could have an excuse to hold him! ;o)
Blanton's mom came for a visit the first weekend in Feb. We were so happy to have her and Heather with us...of course Parrish got to stay at home with GrandMums, but he wasn't feeling well. Debi got to meet Dr. Yap. I think she liked him a lot...We are so blessed to have a Pedi that loves the Lord! He displays it over his entire office!
Parrish hasn't really began the crawling stage yet...he is trying really hard! He tends to get a little frustrated in this process, but I am confident that he will eventually get it down! My parent, sister and our nephew came up over the weekend for a visit. It was so sweet to see the boys playing with each much as they can at this age...My mom tried to teach Parrish how to crawl! He made sure she knew he was frustrated! ;o)
That is all I have for now...Hope you enjoyed the pics!

We love yall!

Parrish smiling at Daddy

Parrish "playing" with his puppy

Pops - Blanton's dad made this swing for Parrish

He loves it
Parrish "reading" his book!

Parrish playing with Rosie

Parrish showing support for Daddy's school

Parrish and Peepaw at G Nonnie's House

Parrish and Cadence taking at bath at G Nonnie's

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