Tuesday, April 14, 2009

March & April Rolled into ONE!!

My goodness how time flies...It has been quite sometime since I had the chance to sit here and blog. Parrish has changed so very much. I can't believe that we sit just over a month and a half until his first birthday! God has really brought us so much happiness and joy through this little bundle that He blessed our lives with, a little person that has stolen our hearts! The journey has been hard at times, and I am sure that it will only get harder as time goes by, but what wonderful memories we have made thus far...and what wonderful memories our future will hold!
Parrish was at a less active stage in this picture...this was definately before the crawling!

This is Parrish in his Easter outfit! He was smiling at Blanton. The camera was always a sec off with his blinking eyes! ;o)

Parrish began crawling in March...and on my, I never thought I could say "no" so much! ;o) He is getting into everything and he is a true boy...bruises everywhere!
We had the chance to go to Nashville this month. We were able to spend time with our dear friends from Seminary. They have a son, Reed, who turned two in Feb. We have been dying to meet Reed. He was an aswer to prayer.
We were also so excited that Jeff and Abbey were able to meet Parrish! He was also an answer to prayer!
The guys did get to know each other, but both of them were feeling under the weather. Reed had the Rotovirus and Parrish had two ear infections.

Parrish has begun pulling up on EVERYTHING! He has also found Rosie's food dish...he LOVES to play with those darn bowls!

Some wonderful men in our church spent many hours in the nursery. It now has a fresh new look! We are so proud of what they have done! We are now praying for many more babies to come through this area!

We will be going to San Antonio on Monday morning. Parrish will be spending some quality time with GMa and Pepaw! Then, at the end of the week, Grandmums will make her grand appearance in Wichita Falls! We can't wait to see all of them!