Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parrish Has A Suprise

Please enjoy the three videos below....

Sorry this is not upright! ;o) Don't know how to fix that!

Swimming Time

Parrish has had so much fun playing in the water! He took his first swim at the YMCA last Thursday evening. Then on Saturday we Jaycee and Jared came over to "swim" with Parrish in one of his birthday gifts! Thanks Aunt Fran, Uncle Rick, Ashley and Britt!
Before the YMCA
At the Y PoolAfter the Y
Playing with Jaycee & Jared
Fun toys from Aunt Nat & Uncle Dave

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Birthday Party

Not many words are needed...sorry this has been LONG in coming! ;o)

First Haircut

Parrish went for his first haircut on Friday, May 22nd. There were several people in attendance: Momma, Daddy, GMa, Pepaw & G-Nonnie.

Parrish wasn't too fond of the comb going through his hair for the first time, but once the bubbles started to blow, he was doing great!

Sorry this is on it's side